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Fic: ABC, TomxBill, PG  
Title: ABC
Author: [personal profile] paraboobizarre
Pairing(s): Bill/Tom
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: never happened!
Warnings: none
Summary: From the trivial to the more profound.
Author's notes:
written for the FQF 2010, The ABC's of being a Kaulitz Twin: 26 rules, and 26 ways to break them. (prompt submitted by ophelia_seven)
It’s the Hawaiian Alphabet Edition! Did you know the Hawaiian alphabet only has 13 letters? ;)

Thanks to my beta and [personal profile] emseviltwin for providing me with 1&2 - I only just thought to repost this to my own journal (don't ask me why I didn't think of this sooner XD)

Hands off Tom's stuff.

Bill has long since accepted that Tom is the biggest germaphone in the Western hemisphere. It's not just the normal stuff like borrowing Tom's toothbrush or taking a sip from his glass, there's also more baffling tics like Tom always carrying his very own hand sanitizer with him because the soap dispensers in public restrooms gross him out. Public restrooms in general are a nightmare for his twin – they're one giant petri dish.
What's even more puzzling is how Tom will sometimes completely forget his phobia and do things that would give other people the creeps. While throwing a fit if he sees someone touch his forks by the prongs, Tom will have no compunction about licking Bill all over, even his ass. Sometimes, when Tom has him bent in half, his face buried between his cheeks, Bill can't help but wonder if Tom's ever even noticed that crass discrepancy in his behavior. Still, Bill won't ever say anything – why rock the boat?

Never question Bill's fashion choices.

Some things Bill does will never make sense to Tom. Clothes, for instance. Bill has a walk-in closet bigger than most other people's kitchen and still he has managed to run out of space to store his ever growing collection of shoes and jackets. Georg once joked that Bill would wear a potato sack if someone only sewed the right kind of label on it – pity is, it's probably not that far from the truth.
Still, with all his bravado, skintight all-over leather jumpsuits, frilly blouses he nicked from the ladies' department and strange jackets with floppy bows on them, Bill comes to him for reassurance. Not that he'd ever admit to that. When Bill shows up in his room and does a full 360 turn, officially he comes for inspection but what he really wants to hear is if Tom likes it or not. It's in the shy little smile Bill gives him when he turns around and the vaguely concerned look when it's a particularly daring outfit.
There's no need to worry though. Tom would never admit to it out loud because he knows it would make him look like a lovesick puppy, but Bill could dress up in rags and Tom would still find him good enough to eat.

Don’t get Bill drunk.

Bill is a giggly drunk and he hates it. Sometimes, when Tom is feeling particularly mischievous, it’s hard to obey this rule. Seeing Bill abandon all inhibitions and do his floppy, disjointed little dance moves, watching him hit unsuspecting passer-bys in the face because the story he’s telling is so grand it deserves equally massive gestures, never fails to put a smile on his face. Even if it’s a faintly impish one...

Don’t get Tom drunk.

Tom gets all snuggly and touchy-feely when he’s drunk and he hates it. The good thing is that, apart from a few minor faux-pas when they were both younger, Tom has become really responsible with the alcohol. The downside is that Bill is nowhere near as smart and it’s certainly not beneath him to push Tom just a little bit more, even when he knows that his twin has already had enough. It’s simply too inviting not to try it. When Tom’s amped up on liquid courage and let’s his guard down enough to allow that furtive touch, maybe that one little kiss, it’s worth the mean hangover in the morning.

Don't push Tom to do things he doesn't want to do.

Bill used to tease his brother that inside Tom there was an octogenarian dying to break out. Then Tom said pretty much the same thing in an interview once, basically acknowledging it and now it's no fun anymore.
Still Bill marvels from time to time just at how different they are; it feels like Bill got all the adventurous genes, leaving Tom to mope and fret over anything even remotely new or unfamiliar. So he has taken it upon himself to push Tom. For his own good, of course, because sometimes Tom really enjoys being bossed around like that, pushed to do things. Not that he would ever admit to that.
Bill very much remembers the scandalized expression on his brother's face that first time he broke out the cuffs and the blindfold. Tom had looked so horrified as if Bill had suggested killing a litter of puppies and bathing in their blood.
Over the course of the evening the outrage changed into weary apprehension, then that reluctant pleasure where Tom worries his lip between his teeth, trying his hardest to keep on looking stern and unimpressed even if he can't quite keep the soft sighs to himself. In the end, when he has Tom writhing on the bed, clawing at the sheets, curling his toes, Bill knows that he has won – at least for now.

Tom always has all the really good ideas.

And even if that's not the case, Bill still makes damn sure that, at least, Tom thinks he does. Sometimes they're really just Bill's brilliant ideas but he has learned to read his brother's facial expressions well enough to anticipate that dismissive expression on Tom's face so that he can backpedal in time. It shows in the way his twin's eyes start to narrow slightly, just before his nose starts to wrinkle up (quite adorably, really). If the matter is close to Bill's heart, he will keep it to himself for a little while, let Tom forget all about it, before he tries again.
The big brother angle works like a charm on Tom every time and Bill has perfected the coy act necessary to plant his babies in Tom's head, wait till he has carried them to full term and then act all impressed when Tom delivers “his” grand idea.
It's childish really and maybe just a little bit scheming but if working in the music industry has taught Bill anything it's that even the best relationships necessarily involve a few deceptions.

Don’t try to lift Bill’s sour mood.

It’s not often that Bill is in a foul mood, one of those really serious ones where everything and everyone is met with a withering scowl. Trying to cheer Bill up or distract him will only provoke his twin further. Tom's still not too sure why, but he guesses it's got something to do with Bill being the band leader. That role he took on and that, more often than not, he takes way too seriously. In Bill's twisted view of the world people might take him less seriously if he's always happy and smiling. It's not true and Tom knows that if Bill were to be brutally honest with himself he'd see it, too. It's part of Bill's charm to continually underestimate and doubt himself. The lion that doesn't know its own strength.

Never underestimate Bill.

Not that Tom would ever make that mistake. Again. He has before and it's done him no good. Still, it's interesting to see how other people behave around Bill.
Most people think Bill is something of an airhead – elaborate hairdo with minimal brains underneath. Not that his brother really minds. If people think Bill's slightly, dumb they tend to let their guard down around him, let things slip. And Bill is nothing if not a keen observer.
It took Tom some time to figure it out but now that he has, he is taking an almost perverse joy in watching people unknowingly blabbermouth around his twin and the well-hidden, evil-emperor grin slipping into his baby brother's face afterwards, as he lights a cigarette and takes a long hit.

Be Quiet.

Tom can’t even remember a time when that rule wasn’t on the top of his virtual list of Dos and Don’ts. It’s the most universal and pervasive of all taboos.
Don’t talk about this, don’t mention that, leave out that info, never touch upon this subject. It's so true for so many aspects of their lives, too. Whether it's a no-go list for interviews or that he has to be extra quiet when he flits across the hallway to Bill's hotel room, there's a silence, a myriad of things unspoken crowding his life.
At times it feels a lot like lying. Leaving so many things unsaid turns the silence into something heavier, more dense, as if all these little void spaces collapse into each other, become solid...and sometimes Tom's not too sure anymore who he's lying to. Other people or himself.

Don’t talk about the past.

People think they share everything but that’s not true. They do talk about things most other siblings wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole but there are some things they never discuss. It’s not like Bill wouldn’t want to but he is silenced every single time he tries to bring it up. So they both keep it to themselves. Tom because he doesn’t want to talk about it and Bill because he doesn’t want to upset Tom. He wonders though. Why Tom won’t talk about it. Five years and not a word about what happened those few nights.
It’s not like he can’t imagine what happened - he’s not stupid after all. What Bill doesn’t know, and what kills him more than the enforced silence, is the why. Why Tom won’t talk about it.

Don’t talk about the past.

He cramps up every time Bill gets this ultra sympathetic look of his, the let’s share, let’s talk about it expression. It’s no use and, as far as Tom is concerned, talking about it won’t change the past. Only make it more immediate and he has worked too hard to put it all past him to let it come back and haunt him now. Bill wants to know because he thinks sharing will make it easier for Tom, but that’s not true.
A problem shared is not a problem halved, quite the contrary. There are some things, unspeakables, that you tell no one.

Tom is the stronger one.

Bill likes being the little brother even if he would never admit to that in public. There's something very comforting about having an older brother, especially if it's someone as dedicated to the job as Tom.
Sometimes it's scary as well. Those rare moments when Bill takes a step back and realizes just how much he depends on his brother for...well, everything. It's in moments like these that Bill wonders how other people even survive without their personal “Tom” in their lives. What do you do when you don't have that one person who has been with you from the very beginning? How can one person alone be enough to himself, be complete? It's scary because these thoughts inadvertently lead to others: does his brother even need him as much as Bill does?

Bill is the stronger one.

They often get asked about role models in interviews and Tom usually says he has none. Lie.
It's Bill. It has always been his brother. Bill is taller, stronger, smarter, more talented and more headstrong than him. It's Bill who will go to ridiculous lengths in order to get what he wants. It's his twin's fierce belief in himself that made Tom's dreams come true as well. As cheesy as it sounds, Bill is his rock, the one true constant in Tom's life. But even rocks crumble from time to time and Tom is always be there to pick up the pieces and put Bill back together the same way Bill has done so many times for him already.
Bill's better with words, too, which is probably the one thing that unnerves Tom the most. There's times when he wants to say so much, tell Bill so many things, all these things but words fail him. Then again, maybe that's good, not having words for what they share - makes it all the more special.

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