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Title: The Princess Bride
Author: [personal profile] paraboobizarre
Pairing(s): Bill/Tom
Rating: totally G
Disclaimer: The characters used herein are fictional representations of real people and the actions and situations contained in the fics are no reflection on the real people on which they are based. All characters engaging in sexual acts of any kind are over 18 years of age.
I do not believe anything of this ever happened, nor that it should and I do not make any money of this. It's fiction.

Warnings: none
Summary: It's been with them for a long time and, one way or another, they have both taken things from it.
Author's notes: The Princess Bride *happy sigh*
I watched this movie again after a long time and suddenly this little story started to form :)

They were eight years old when they first watched the movie. Their mum had brought it with her to keep them occupied while she went to a gallery opening. The Princess Bride – the title alone, coupled with the kitschy cover of the VHS cassette, was enough to make Tom shudder. A girlie movie – perfect for Bill.

While they were watching it, Tom could already tell that Bill was absolutely smitten with the story. The way his eyes grew big and shining, his mouth slightly slack as he stared in stunned amazement at the screen.

Tom always suspected that Bill had a little crush on Westley, farm boy, the dreaded pirate Roberts or whoever he was. He used to tease Bill about it mercilessly and took the bright red ears it garnered as proof. Little did he know.

The daily jabs of gay and fag and how they stung even if they were only half-serious. They still hit home. Bill had always suspected that he wasn't like most other kids and not just because of how he dressed or behaved. On their twelfth birthday, in the bathroom, while they were getting ready for bed, Bill told him that, well, maybe, just maybe, he liked boys. Better than girls, actually.
Tom wasn't this self-aware until he was almost eighteen. Or maybe he just preferred not to think about it too much. Orientation is one of those decisions that have consequences, it spreads out like a wave and changes almost everything it comes into contact with. Tom saw it with Bill and he wasn't ready to go there yet.

Tom was like the sick Wonder Years kid – protesting loudly at the beginning and cringing theatrically at anything even remotely sweet or romantic but by the end of the movie, the story gripped him so tightly he balled his fists when Inigo fought the six fingered Count Rugen.
As ridiculous as Inigo Montoya was, Tom had always rooted for him from the first time he saw the movie – not that he would ever admit to it.

Granted, even to Tom's eight year-old self, Inigo was over the top with everything he did and still, Tom distinctly remembered the first time he saw that final sword fight. The goose bumps popping up the length of his arms when Inigo got up again from where he was crouched against the pillar. And then those final exchanges right before he speared the Count – Inigo was offered anything he wanted: money, power, everything, but he didn't want any of it. The one thing he wanted no one could give him – his father.

To this day a lump forms in Tom's throat during that scene. It's nowhere near as overwhelming as it was for eight year old Tom, it doesn't feel like his entire body is cramping up anymore. It made Tom dread the movie, that scene, always a reminder of how much he actually did miss his dad and that he had no one to conveniently blame and take revenge on like Inigo.

It's funny how some things, really trivial ones really, stay with you for such a long time. They have a DVD copy of the movie now – Bill picked it up from a bargain bin ages ago – and they hardly ever watch it anymore but it still wound its way into their everyday lives.

There's that one time when Bill gets the bollocking of the century from David. It is so bad that Tom and the others were ordered to leave the room, so bad you can hear Dave yell all the way down the hallway for a good ten minutes. Afterwards Bill sits down next to Tom and quietly scowls until Dave walks past them, all airy and cheery as if nothing happened. Tom watches his brother sending death glares after their manager when suddenly he hears Bill mutter under his breath, my name is Bill Kaulitz. You killed my carefree spirit – prepare to die. Dave whips around, outrage already written all over his face at the mere possibility that Bill dare talk back. Bill just smiles, sweetly and not just a bit maliciously, and says nothing.
Not that Dave ever died. Unfortunately.

Then there's the peanut line! Tom has lost count of the times Bill and he drove absolutely everyone in close vicinity batty by throwing the rhyming giant's “Anybody want a peanut?” line around in the most random situations. It's too bad that peanut doesn't rhyme with that many words because when they're feeling particularly silly they will expand on their inside joke, making even the most twin-humor resistant people – Georg and Gustav – leave with a defeated sigh.

The one time Tom will always remember is his first kiss. Not that first one when he was eleven and slobbered enthusiastically all over Hannah from across the street. That really real first kiss that counted, when he kissed Bill. To this day it just about kills Tom to admit it, but all those hopelessly romantic saps who rhapsodize about fireworks going off and how the world stops turning...well, they're kind of right.
There was no rising music (though other things certainly did rise), no time slowing down to a crawl or butterflies, but it was still earth-shatteringly, breath-takingly, mind-blowingly intense and when Tom came up for air it felt like breathing for the very first time in his life.

“Since the invention of the kiss there have been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind. The End.*”

*Direct quote from the movie – it just fit so perfectly, I couldn't resist.
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