18 April 2008 @ 08:10 am
A little drabble for [profile] mnschoen because I seriously lag behind on the fic front as far as she's concerned XD

(Writing exactly a 100 words has never been this hard LOL)

Maybe it's a bad idea but his back feels cold, the brushing of the comforter, that heavy softness against his cheek reminding him of something he's missing. Someone. Tucked safely under covers right in the bunk below, where it's all smothering heat and winding limbs, sleepy sighs as he wraps around a body that's all hard edges and soft, promising shadows, caramel skin, soapy scent. Slipping one storey down, where matted hair spills over pillows, he crawls in, spoons up against bare skin. It's a mumbled 'Georg', a sleepy whining sound, covers whispering as they huddle close and fall asleep.
Current Mood: awake
Current Location: at my computer, drinking coffee
Current Music: kids screaming outside
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