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About Me
This journal is, first and foremost, about my personal stuff. From time to time, I do talk about my various obssessions fandoms:
Supernatural and how RAWR Jensen Ackles is, some Buffy, some McFly, hardly any Tokio Hotel anymore, how Joe Perry can do no wrong in my eyes and how freaking amazing anything with Zombies in it is.
Still, this is not a fandom journal, so unless you're totally amped up to hear about my day or you and I both agree that cooking is a really awesome hobby, you'll probably be sourly disappointed. ;)
The fanfiction is open to everyone.

To see the complete list with links to the stories, ratings and pairings, click here

I've often been asked about translations of my stories.
To answer all future requests: Thanks a lot for the offer and I'm flattered but I do not want any of my fanfiction translated.
I know I cannot stop you from doing so but I'd really appreciate if you respected my wishes here :)
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